About Me

Hi I’m Ashlee! I’m a Canadian who has found refuge from the long cold winters here in Australia. I’m a design junkie, and enthusiastic about creating compelling visual experiences for meaningful products with Human-Centred-Design approach bridging the gap between businesses and people. I've got a bit of an entrepreneurial streak to boot too.

My interest in fashion design and online merchandising is what drove me into the product design world – I’ve always had a keen interest in solving problems and thinking up new ways of doing things better.

My husband is also a product nerd with a real passion for app design. When we met he’d just embarked on a new app to help people discover new friends.  While travelling for work, it was so hard to simply head to the pub for a beer with a mate after a long day. That was the lightbulb moment, and the app – Friendly – was finally born.

We have been a design duo ever since. Both of our lives revolve around design, side hustling and chatting about how we can make things better.
I love learning, experimenting and creating new ideas that push boundaries. I’ve started my own illustration and print shop, built my own website in Webflow for the first time, along with the countless hours working on Friendly.app.

Oh, and did I mention: I have two fur babies who I am completely obsessed with  🐶🐶



ui design & visual design

I can help you stand out with beautiful designs that people will love to interact with. I specialise in product interface design, illustrations, photography, typography, spacing, layouts and colour.

branding -marketing & product

An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in today’s increasingly competitive market. Let me help you build a brand. From logos to tone of voice, and everything in between – I can help you understand your users through visual conceptions.

Illustration- visual communication

Your brand strategy is how, what, where, when and who you want to speak to. I can help you illustrate what that might look like and tell your story to your users through custom designed illustrations.

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