I am a visual designer that works with clients to increase there bottom line through the power of great design.

Design Services

UI Design/ Visual Design
Beautiful Websites & Apps

I can help you stand out with beautiful designs that people will love to interact with. I specialise in product interface design, illustrations, photography, typography, spacing, layouts and colour.

Marketing/ Brand Design

An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in today’s increasingly competitive market. Let me help you build a brand. From logos to tone of voice, and everything in between – I can help you understand your users through visual conceptions.

Visual Communication

Your brand strategy is how, what, where, when and who you want to speak to. I can help you illustrate what that might look like and tell your story to your users through custom designed illustrations.

Work History

Canva- Current employment

My goal is to help users discover Canvas remarkable tool that helps enable everyday users into designer and creators alike. My work includes research, mapping out user flows, creating user journey’s, wire-framing, UI design, animations, working in a cross functional team, along side brand, product, and engineering, as a digital design specialist.

Friendly.app - side hustle

The purpose of the App is to make it easier for people to discover new friends through delightful design. I ensured consistent language and tone of voice throughout the website and mobile app. I worked on and developing personas, wireframing user journeys for new features and branding. I helped steer the branding direction with personable hand-drawn illustrations that would bring life and a sense of delight to the app.

Freelancing - April 2016 - current

I’ve worked on many small projects to help businesses, startups and individuals. I’ve set the tone with branding, assisting with art direction, crafting illustrations and designing user interfaces for both mobile and desktop. Some of my recent clients include Quick Tutor, CaptivateIQ and Sack Me – just to name a few.

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